DeWalt Door Hinge Template Kit


Used to rout both door and door frame hinges for a complete door hanging solution. Accommodates doors of various thicknesses: 1-3/8', 1-3/4', 2', 2-1/4', 2-1/2'. Accommodates 8 hinge sizes from 2-1/2' to 6' inclusive, in 1/2' increments. Quick-adjust ratcheting router bit guides accommodate 1/4', 5/8' radius, and square cornered hinges. Extended template platform provides excellent router stability. Double-headed nails ensure easy removal from door and frame. Positive placement lock-in pins enable quick and secure placement of the template to the door and jamb. Includes door hinge template, 2 ratcheting router bit guides, 4-positive placement lock-in pins (2 spares), 2 double-headed nails, high-speed steel bearing guided router bit, instruction sheet.

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