Cargill Diamond Crystal Winter Melt® Ice Melt Salt


The Ice Melt Standard®

At temperatures around 15°F and higher, Winter Melt® Ice Melt Salt sets the standard for winter ice melt by melting more ice than its expensive counterparts.

Made with pure salt, Winter Melt® Ice Melt Salt is the natural choice to melt ice in temperatures as low as 5 °F / -15 °C. Always a cost-effective way to maintain your driveways, sidewalks and walkways on icy, cold days. And depending on the strength of a storm, or how strong you feel on that particular day, it comes in a variety of convenient sizes for the job at hand.

Winter Melt® Ice Melt Salt features a unique blend of large and small melting Sodium Chloride crystals working in combination to melt ice quickly, and then keep it melting, long after application.

Directions: Remove slush and as much loose snow as possible before ice melt application. Spread Winter Melt® Ice Melt Salt evenly across surface area. Apply ½–1 cup per square yard using a scoop, depending on ice thickness and air temperature, as needed. Reapply as necessary. When ice and snow soften, remove slush and any excess ice melt from pavement for good concrete maintenance.

Size Availability
10 lb. Bag
25 lb. Bag
50 lb. Bag

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