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Comfort Glow QTH6000 Compact Tower Infrared Quartz Comfort Furnace. This energy efficient Infrared Quartz comfort furnace provides a powerful 5,120 BTU’s of soothing infrared heat that is circulated with the built in blower. This feature packed unit includes an energy saving ECO setting which maintains a steady 68° heat output. Hand held remote provides easy and convenient operation. This exceptional value also includes digital LED display, tip-over shut-off and built-in thermostat heat control. This sleek 18" Tower-style fits almost anywhere needed. Features: 3 powerful extended length infrared quartz elements. 3 heat settings (1000W, 1500W, ECO). Remote control and 12 hour timer. Digital LED display and control panel. ECO power saver setting. 18" tower design. Tip-over shut off.

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